The Nylon Accessory Organizer.
A place for everything.
Everything in one place.
Day-to-day, short trips, long trips, business trips—the Nylon Accessory Organizer marries the protection of flight nylon with organization to keep your essentials protected at every destination.
Flight Nylon.
Used in flight jackets for warmth and weather-and stretch-resistance, flight nylon is a tightly woven fabric regarded for its high tensile strength, luxuriously soft feel and stunning visual aesthetic. When flight nylon is involved, you don’t need to worry about your items—the composition of this lightweight material repels dirt, dust, moisture, stretches and snags.
Organization: easier than before.
The secret to staying organized is easy. You just need the Nylon Accessory Organizer. Charging adapters, AirPods, pens, pencils, breath mints—you name it, the Nylon Accessory Organizer stores it. This bi-fold has a water-resistant zip closure that opens up to multiple mesh pockets, storage slips and elastic bands for just about any small item you need to take with you on a daily basis.
Nylon Accessory Organizer
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