Flight Nylon.
Unifying utility, durability and aesthetics
Exceptionally durable nylon that stays that way.
Originally used in flight jackets for warmth and weather- and stretch-resistance, Flight Nylon is a tightly woven fabric regarded for its high-tensile strength, luxuriously soft feel and stunning visual aesthetic. All the qualities ideal in a material reimagined to protect and transport the devices and essentials of the modern creative.
Practically everything-resistant.
The composition of this lightweight material resists water, mold, mildew, stains, stretching, tears and snags. Plus, Flight Nylon can be easily cleaned. The result: Devices and other items stored within stay protected and blemish-free.
Streamlined utility.
Utility runs across the range of Flight Nylon products—purposeful features crafted with a durable material. No non-essentials, no bells and whistles. Just refined practicality that focuses on function and convenience, like cable management details, unexpected yet fundamental pockets and an exterior that holds up to wear and tear and can easily be wiped clean when needed.
Premium, lightweight strength.
With a tight-weave 210D filament, Flight Nylon provides high-tensile strength that’s lightweight and soft to the touch with excellent rebound qualities—so, each bag, sleeve and organizer created with Flight Nylon maintains a pristine exterior and protects the belongings within.